How does a piano work?
By hitting a key, the action (consisting of numerous moveable parts linked to the hammer heads) starts to move: the hammer head, then, touches or hits one or more steel strings. The resulting vibrations are transmitted to the soundboard via bass and treble bridges and thus become audible.

Where should I put my piano?
The ideal place for your Pramberger piano should provide the following conditions: average temperature between 68 and 72° F, and as remote from windows, doors leading outside and radiators as possible. Please avoid direct sunlight or radiation from heaters, ovens or other heat sources.

What is the best room climate?
The best air humidity for your piano is between 45 and 65%; using an electronic hygrometer, you easily can be sure about this fact. The best temperature for a piano is from 68 to 72° F.

Upright or grand piano?
Please consider: the bigger the instrument, the larger the sound. Given enough space and budget, a grand piano surely is the “king” of key instruments. However, a quality upright is always a good choice if room is limited. This question cannot be answered in general, as requirements are very different. We therefore recommend you to contact your localPramberger distributor; his knowledge and experience will help you in choosing your instrument.

How do I know that my piano needs to be tuned?
The human ear adapts to different conditions quite easily. As a piano does not get out of tune suddenly, but during longer time, this is hardly perceptible to the “normal” human ear. However, there might be some interference with the training of your hearing capacities; therefore, we recommend a check of the tuning pitch on a regular basis.

How often should I have my piano tuned?
During the first year, aPramberger piano might require several tunings as it has to adapt to its new place and climatic conditions. Afterwards, two tunings a year, performed by yourPramberger technician, are ideal.

Why should a Pramberger expert do the maintenance work?
YourPramberger is a valuable instrument that is worth being taken care of properly using genuine parts. Therefore, all maintenance work such as tuning, cleaning, voicing, regulation or repair should exclusively be performed by aPramberger-approved technician. This is also part of our warranty regulation.

What do I have to consider when moving my Pramberger?
A piano is a heavy thing – a grand even more. In addition to the weight, improper handling during transport might cause severe damage to your valuable instrument; therefore, we recommend that such work is done by skilled professionals providing adequate insurance.

When does a piano have to be regulated?
Due to different forces becoming effective on the keyboard and the action, the latter is subject to varying changes. Therefore, it should be regulated anew at certain intervals. A skilled technician will often only need a few, but important steps for this. A perfectly adjusted action is a basic thing for a pleasant touch and thus for joyful playing.

What is my Pramberger's value?
To determine yourPramberger piano’s value, it has to be checked for its technical and general condition.